Graphic Design

Typeface Identity & Business Cards for Producer / Photoshop

Logo & Business Cards for Personal Concierge Service / hand drawing & Photoshop

Shadowbox Film Poster & DVD Cover / Photoshop

Wedding Party Favor Sticker / Photoshop
*additional wedding samples upon request

Sell Sheets for IMAX® Films / Photoshop & InDesign
Longstanding client, Cosmic Picture came to us to design the announcement sell
sheets for the yearly large format industry conference for two new IMAX® films
they were producing.

Hajj Filming Plan in English & Arabic / Photoshop & InDesign
Client came to us to design a 60 page book in both English & Arabic for the film crews
crews to have a visual/technical storyboard of each shot of the documentary film. These
books were also used to acquire shot/filming approval.



Brochure for Mobile Mecca Experience / Photoshop & InDesign

Casting Poster for Jerusalem 3D in English, Arabic & Hebrew / Photoshop